Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) Quickstart


Our PPM Quickstart solution helps organizations get up and running with Project Server and Office 365 Project Online

We provide professional services in support of an organizational implementation of Project Server or Project Online. MPP is focused on providing our customers a complete solution around the Microsoft Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) offering. We are well-known for helping organizations create, manage, execute and control projects across organizations using this stack of powerful tools. We have been very successful in implementing these solutions with many customers from around the world and notably in helping organizations take a “phased” approach to the implementation of this highly complex solution.

Our PPM QuickStart Solution helps organizations realize the benefits of implementing these solutions with our proven process that includes a quick setup and configuration, templates and workflows, views, reports and role-based training.

Our QuickStart Solution allows us to help organizations quickly and easily get setup with Project Server or Project Online.

A typical QuickStart Solution includes the following phases:


Assesment: In this phase, we will work with your PMO and IT Staff to discuss and evaluate the current setup of the existing, new or to be built/implemented Project Server or Project Online environment. In an On premise scenario we will work through hardware/software requirements or work with the appropriate resources to access and evaluate an existing build. Based on our conclusions, the MPP consultant will work with the IT and PMO staff to make and document the changes in the environment as appropriate. If there is a transition from on premise to online, we will assist there as well.



Data/Requirements Gathering: In this phase, we will conduct a data/requirements gathering session focused on a wide range of configuration areas of the tool. This will include areas such as custom fields and templates, security settings, site management and reporting requirements. This session will identify each of the requirements, the feasibility of the requirement, the tools available and necessary to fulfill the requirement and the skill set for developing or configuring against the requirement. At the conclusion of this session we would have a clear “roadmap” identified and a concise requirements document formulated to move to the next phase.



Setup and configuration: In this phase, we will work with your IT staff to setup and install all of the necessary Project Server software components including SQL Server, SQL Analysis Services, SQL Reporting Services, and Team Foundation Server in support of your deployment (if necessary). For Project Online most of the work is against configuration. This phase also includes the configuration of the environment including custom fields, views, reports, security settings and general feature enabling or disabling.



Knowledge Transfer and Training: In this phase our MPP trainer will conduct formal onsite or virtual training to the PMO, IT and resource staff on using the Project and Project Server/Online software. We will customize the training in alignment with the configuration of the environment so that only key features are being addressed during the training.




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