This course is designed to teach project managers how to effectively manage projects and resources in the Microsoft Project Server and Project Online environments. Participants will learn how to initiate projects in the Project Web App (PWA) and Project Professional, collaborate with project sites, as well as interact with the ribbon in the Project Server Project and Resource centers. Students will also learn how to manage task assignments and timesheet updates. Creating, saving, publishing and managing projects and resources will be covered. We will also work with Reporting and the BI Center.
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  • Agenda
  • Project Server 2013
  • Project Online/16

Module 1: Project Server 2013 Overview

  • What is an EPM Solution?
  • The role of the Project Manager
  • Components of an EPM Solution

Module 2: Working in the Project Center

  • Viewing and Opening Projects
  • Checking-in Projects
  • Editing Custom Fields
  • Changing Ownership and Republishing

Module 3: Managing Views & Personal Settings

  • Create and manage PWA Views
  • Add fields to views and make them visible to users
  • Manage personal settings

Module 4: Lifecycle Management

  • Understand Demand and Lifecycle Management benefits and terms
  • Create, save and manage projects using EPT's
  • Work with PDP's, templates and workflow

Module 5: Working with Project Professional

  • Creating a new project from a template
  • Saving an Enterprise Project
  • Building a Team from the Enterpriseusing Project Professional
  • Publishing projects to Project Server

Module 6: Managing Resources

  • Analyzing availability and assignments Team Building
  • Managing resources in the Resource Center

Module 7: Task Management

  • Using PWA to track task progress
  • Using PWA to update task progress in a project schedule

Module 8: Timesheet Management

  • Using PWA to enter time within a timesheet
  • Using PWA to manage, approve and recall timesheets

Module 9: Issues, Risks and Documents

  • Managing Issues
  • Managing Risks
  • Managing Documents

Module 10: Managing the Project Site

  • Collaborating in the Project Site
  • Using Project Site lists
  • Managing the Project Site

Module 11: Working with Status Reports

  • Managing Status Reports
  • Grouping status reports

Module 12: Portfolio & Strategy Management

  • Work with existing Portfolios
  • Create and manage a new Portfolio

Module 13: Business Intelligence & Reporting

  • Create and Manage BI reports using Excel Services and the Excel Web Access web part
  • Build Dashboard pages and configure web parts

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